Administrative module Inventory maker is the application for taking inventory using Pocket PC. With bar code scanner it is a full-featured terminal suited to inventory control. During the work you can use bar codes scanner or to choose products immediately from list. Administrative module installed on stationary PC computer makes possible to import and export data from software existing in your company as text file according to defined format. It can also generate and print reports. In addition it may work as spy device. You can trace how your other companies put prices on the products you are selling and compare it to your prices.

Software feature

Pocket PC application:

Pocket PC

  • Simple and clear interface without information overload
  • Full information about your products (thousands of position)
  • Registration of inventory or prices of products, depending from the mode of work
  • Data exchange with administrative module via IrDA and serial port

Administrative module (PC):

Administrative module
  • Possibility of export and import data
  • Receiving data from mobile device and sending information about changes occurred
  • Generating reports

Graphic explanation how system works

Graf wyjaśniający działanie systemu

System requirements:

Solution costs

A solution cost includes: