BAH – is the advanced orders and sale registration system for the small and medium trade companies. It is designed for pocket pc. With the administrative module (used for data synchronization) which is installed on PC computer in your office, the system makes possible placing orders, registering payments and sending it via internet, infrared or cable connection. It can work with other systems you already use in your company if they are able to export and import data.

Make more competitive ….

It is clearly understandable that higher speed of data processing (orders, bills) makes your company more competitive because the information flow faster. This solution eliminates much of the work your employees used to do before and makes your company more competitive in today’s business world and also helps you to raise sales and work more effective. (Just a few minutes after placing order you can start work on it.). This solution is real revolution in distribution process.

New image of your company….

At the same time our clear interface attracts to work with mobile device (pocket pc). In hands of your agents it will be considered as “intelligent toy” rather then simple work tool. In the eyes of your customers your company will be considered professional with the highest level of service.

Software feature

Pocket PC application

BAH - aplikacja mobilna BAH - aplikacja mobilna BAH - aplikacja mobilna BAH - aplikacja mobilna

Administrative module (PC)

  • Possibility of export and import data
  • Salespeople management
  • Receiving orders from your saleman and sending information about changes occurred (prices, quantity)
  • Advanced reporting

Advantages of our solution:

Solution costs:

A solution cost includes:

Graphic explanation how system works

Graphic explanation how system works

System requirements