Mobilny Handlowiec - Opis systemu

Anytime, anywhere

BAH – is the advanced order and sale registration system for the small and medium trade companies. It is designed to exchange data between your company and the salesperson at anytime and anywhere. Just a few seconds after your client places order, you can view it and start work on it. This solution makes your company more competitive in today’s business world and also helps you to raise sales and work more effective. The information flow is faster and eliminates much of the work your employees used to do before (The information already exists in the electronic form). In effect you save time that you used to spend putting it to your computer in your office.

At the same time our clear interface attracts to work with mobile device (pocket pc). In hands of your agents it will be considered as “intelligent toy” rather then simple work tool. In the eyes of your customers your company will  be considered professional with the highest level of service. More …